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Our company offers you a comprehensive service in the field of precision mould building for the plastics processing industry.
As your expert business partner we are always anxious to meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers regarding the quality and punctual delivery of the products. Thereby we place particular value on the development of reliable and long lasting business relationships. In our workshop founded in 2000, we produce injection moulding forms for many successful companies in many diverse fields i.e. the electrical equipment, household appliance and automobile industries as well as medical technology.

Construction and project development by
experienced specialists

Our technical office offers you a comprehensive range of services from construction through to production with the emphasis on injection moulding tools but also covers aluminium prototyping including sampling through to production line ready.

Modern 3D milling and powerful, high performance grinding equipment guarantees precision in the manufacture of the tools
  Quality control is ensured by sampling
  and precision measuring procedures

The range of services of our industrial agency includes customer consultancy and development of projects from conception to mass production ready of high quality injection moulding tools up to 8 tonnes in weight.

Uninterrupted production process ensured by
specifically targeted optimisation procedures

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